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Thursday, January 17, 2008

<< Pilikula Nisarga Dhama -Mangalore >>

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama
(Pond of Tigers)

Pilikula Nisargadhama is picnic spot / hangout at Vamanjoor near Mangalore in Karnataka,

Pilikula literally means Tiger's lake. In olden days, tigers used to come to this lake to drink water. Henceforth, this lake came to be known as Pilikula.

The Mangalore City Corporation has developed this area & has now become the hotspot for people who are looking forward to enjoy scenic beauty & peace. Pilikula has a huge lake & a beautifully laid gardens encircling the entire lake. One can see swans & ducks moving around in the lake & sometimes they even move into the gardens. Boating facilities are available in the lake. One can either use pedalling boats (mostly preferred by couples) or bigger boats carry about 10to 15 persons.

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama (Pilikula) is a major eco-education and tourism development project promoted by the District Administration of Dakshina Kannada in the beautiful city of Mangalore in Karnataka State, India.

An integrated theme park with a wide variety of features, Pilikula has many attractions of cultural, educational and scientific interest. The park is spread over an area of 370 acres comprising of a tropical forest and the enchanting Pilikula Lake. The project presently includes a Biological Park, Arboretum, a Science Centre, a Lake Park with Boating Centre, a Water Amusement Park and a Golf Course. Other features which are currently being developed include a Heritage Village, an Ayurveda Health Therapy Centre and Tourist Cottages.

Probably the first project of its kind in India, Pilikula is inspired by the concept of providing a wholesome experience of the native natural and cultural heritage of the region along with all modern recreational facilities.

Being located close to Western Ghats mountain range, which is one of the 18 globally recognised bio-diversity hot spots, many of the features of Pilikula are an attempt to conserve the unique wildlife and plant species of this region and help save them from extinction. Pilikula is also an attempt to showcase the rich native heritage and coastal culture of the people of Dakshina Kannada district. In short, Pilikula is one-stop education and recreation destination in India - a must visit place for all visitors to this part of the world.

Llake Garden:
‘Pilikula’ derives its name from ‘Pilikula Lake’ which is today one of the major attractions of the project.
According to local legend, the lake was once a haunt of tigers. Hence it got to be called ‘Pilikula’ which means ‘Tiger Pond’.

Prior to the Pilikula project, the Pilikula Lake, which was once a large water body, had degenerated into becoming a small pond and was on the verge of being lost completely. However after being adopted for restoration under Pilikula project, it has been desilted and retrieved to its original glory; now having water spread area of 5.00 acres and a depth of 30 feet.

Beautification of the lake surroundings with lush green awns and gardens, the facilities of boating and introduction of fresh water fish, ducks and geese in the lake, today attract a large number of visitors to this area for leisure and recreation

The park constantly undertakes further desilting and expansion activities around the lake. Other developments at the lake include expansion of the gardens, walking / jogging paths, rest areas for senior citizens, drinking water facilities, shelter etc.

Photos of Pilikula Lake Garden & Boating:

Manasa Amusement and Water Park :

The Pilikula Nisarga Dhama Complex includes the Manasa Amusement and Water Park which is developed as an ultimate destination for fun and leisure.

This is only such facility in coastal Karnataka and aims to please the adults and children alike with its wide assortment of joy rides, water slides and other attractions.

Arboretum- ( Botanical Garden) :

An arboretum (= garden comprising of woody species of plants i.e. trees and shrubs) extending over an area of 35 ha has been established at Pilikula Nisarga Dhama where about 60,000 seedlings belonging to 236 taxa of flowering plants of Western Ghats, spread over 60 families have been planted randomly as well as family clusters. They include 70 taxa endemic to the Western Ghats region.

Golf Course:

Golf is an international sport having widespread appeal. Unfortunately, in India, this game is played mainly in the metropolitan cities. One of the key objectives of Pilikula Nisarga Dhama is to promote tourism and having a golf course would be a major attraction for foreign and corporate visitors to plan their holidays.

As there is no other golf course in or around Mangalore, Pilikula Nisargadhama has developed its own Golf Club to facilitate the sport as an added attraction. The 9 Hole Golf course is a facility that allows Members and Tourist to tee off amidst the undulating greens.

The golf course has been designed making best use of natural terrain and topography, which incorporates narrow and challenging fairways. Tons of natural turf grass from the Nethravathi river bed has been transplanted in and around aprons of browns and landing area on fairways.

Heritage village:

Being primarily an agrarian community, the economy of Dakshina Kannada has been highly dependent on Nature. Moreover the region is well endowed with natural splendour. Hence various forms of Nature worship have prevailed in rural Dakshina Kannada. The landscape, customs and rituals of Dakshina Kannada are filled with homage and elaborate tributes to Mother Earth.

At Pilikula Nisarga Dahama, we have developed a Heritage Village / Artisan Village Complex, where we have recreated the typical rural atmosphere of Dakshina Kannada. It includes exhibits like Guttu House, Nagabana (Serpert shrine), Kambala (Buffalo Race) Track, Arecanut and Coconut gardens etc.

The Heritage Village / Artisan Village Complex is constructed at a specially demarcated site spread over 35 acres. Every effort has been made to put up an authentic presentation based on extensive research with the help of scholars and experts in the field. The minute attention to detail is clearly visible in the retention of original design and use of genuine tools, implements, equipment and artifacts by traditional hereditary artists and artisans.

Tourists Enjoying Kambala (Buffalo Race)

Pilikula ZOO : (Biological Park)

A significant Biological Park is established in Pilikula Nisarga Dhama has major focus on the wildlife species of Western Ghats. The park is named as Dr. Shivaram Karnath Biological Park. The park consists of an area of 82 hectares.

In accordance with prevailing laws, the central Zoo Authority of India has recognized the park. As per modern Zoological practices, the animal enclosures have been designed to closely resemble its natural habitat.

The park has a Veterinary hospital with operation theatre, diagnostic lab and other facilities like treatment squeezers, close observation cages, and hand raring facilities for young ones, tranquilising guns and drugs, Proper underground drainage facility is provided for enclosures.

How to Get there ?:
Pilikula is approximately 30 minutes bus travel from the Mangalore town.
Pilikula Nisargadhama is located in Mudushedde Village, 1.5 kilometers from Vamanjoor and 18 kilometers from Mangalore City.
It is enroute to Mudbidre and Karkala By National Highway # 13.
Enough bus services operated from the Mangalore city.
Bus Route No. 3A, 3B, 3C

Cab services also availbale from Mangalore.
The visits to the Pilikula Nisarga Dhama (Zoo, Botonical Garden and the lake)will take a minimum of 3-4 hours.


Moodushedde, Vamanjoor,
Mangalore - 575028 , INDIA
Tel : (0824) 2263565 / 2263562

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama,
Mudushedde, Vamanjoor,
Ph: +91 824 2263255 / 2263433 / 6567166
Fax: +91 824 2263488

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You have posted very nice photographs. I had taken my kids to Pilikula last summer holidays and we stayed at the Phalguni River Lodge and enjoyed our overnight stay. Will certainly recommend my friends from Bangalore to explore Pilikula and also choose this lodge for their stay